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Visualize Your Family's Travels

We believe that seeing your kin's roots should be easy to do. Using KinMapper you can easily visualize the various places your family has lived!

Easily view your family member's location
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As a technologist and a genealogist I wanted to find a way to learn new skills while giving back to the community. The end result of this experiment is KinMapper. During the construction of this app I have developed a new project management philosophy that is a mixture of Agile, Lean, and Fatherhood principles. One of the key principles of Agile, Lean, and Fatherhood is collaborating with the customer. As such, I look forward to user’s feedback about this application. You can submit feedback here. My only request is that you temper your expectations with the knowledge that I am the father of two and I have a full time job doing getting paid to work on other things than this website.


  • How do I sign-in?

  • In order to use KinMapper, you must first have an account with FamilySearch. Once you have registed with FamilySearch you will be able to login to KinMapper with your FamilySearch username and password

  • What browers does KinMapper support?

  • KinMapper supports modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 10 or greater.

  • Something looks wrong wrong with the data that I am seeing in KinMapper. How do I fix it?

  • All the data in KinMapper is pulled from the data stored in your FamilySearch Family Tree. If dates and locations look wrong it probably means that the data in your family tree needs to be updated. However, if after reviewing the data in your family tree you feel that something is wrong, please contact us so we can look into how to fix the issue.

  • Have a question you would like answered?

  • Please contact us by emailing Contact@kinmapper.com with the question that you liked answered.

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